Rescue Diver Course

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The Rescue Diver Course in Hurghada with Cave Divers Hurghada is a very demanding course but at the end so rewarding.

To adhere to this course any participant has to be minimum 15 years old. He must be in the possession of the Advanced Open Water Diver certificate. He finished the Emergency First Response Course (First Aid and CPR) with success and is valid within the last 2 years.

The Rescue Diver Course in Hurghada with Cave Divers Hurghada covers the following:

  • The causes of diver emergencies.
  • How to identify a diver in need.
  • To handle common equipment problems.
  • Accident management.
  • Procedures for rescuing a diver.
  • Missing diver procedures.
  • Self rescue.
  • First Aid and treatment of injuries.
  • In/out water rescue skills.
  • Emergency management and equipment.

The basis of the Rescue Diver Course is to prevent accidents and to provide first aid. After finishing the Rescue Diver Course, you will be able to recognize emergency situations and to handle accordingly. You will recognize the factors that can lower your safety while diving and eliminate the ones that are not endangering your dives.

Furthermore you will adequately and promptly respond to the main behavior of your partner. You recognize the signs of stress and panic, in order to cope with emergency situations that may arise during the dive.

This course will enable you to care about the life and health of those divers accompanying you. You will become more comfortable while diving. The Rescue Diver Course increases your professional skills and the safety of your dives, both for you and for your dive partner.

In addition, the important point is that the level of Rescue Diver is a pass to the next stage of learning – the Divemaster Course which is the first step in the professional recreational diving.

You want to be an example for all diver joining you on your dive? Well contact us and subscribe the Rescue Diver Course with us.

Take on the challenge, you won’t regret it!