PADI Scuba Review Program

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PADI Scuba Review Program or Refresher Course

The PADI Scuba Review Program or Refresher Course is especially designed for those divers who already are in the possession of their certificate. But even if you are a certified diver, sometimes it happens that you didn’t dive since a while. When a diver wasn’t underwater for a long period of time, the Scuba Review Program or also often called Refresher Course is the solution. This courseĀ  helps you to fresh up your skills or retrains you before going underwater again on new diving adventures.

Under this program, we invite you to receive the basic theoretical and practical skills that concerns scuba diving. You repeat the minimum theory and skills that you require to be familiar again with diving. And of course you go over all you need to make your diving again safer and more enjoyable.

What will you see?

We divide the PADI Scuba Review Program or Refresher Course in two parts. One of our professional instructors teaches you the entire course. The first part is the theoretical part. You review in a quick way the knowledge content. You resee the following concepts: dive safety concepts, planning essentials and problem management. After this your instructor takes you to the pool for the practical lesson. Together you revise 20 skills out of the PADI Open Water Diver Course. Setting up your diving gear, making a predive safety check are skills to repractice out of the water. And in the water, one of the most important is buoyancy control. In addition, if desired or necessary, an open water dive is done together with your instructor. After all of this, divers feel safe and comfortable again before going for the real stuff.

The PADI Scuba Review Program is a quick refresher course that updates you and helps you go over the knowledge and skills of diving again. It aims to build back your confidence and make you feel comfortable again diving in open water.

Make sure you enjoy your next dive to the full. Update your dive knowledge and skills with the PADI Scuba Review.