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With the Night Diver Specialty Course in Hurghada Red Sea, you will experience that the underwater world at night is very different from the one during the day. By developing your night diving skills with the Night Diver Speciality Course, you will be able to see these underwater inhabitants. Exactly, the ones that can not be seen during the day. The techniques used during night diving are not significantly different from the one used during daytime. Your diving equipment remains the same as during the day, you just need to add an underwater torch.

Participants for the Night Diver Course should be minimum 12 years old and in the possession of an Open Water Diver certificate.

What will you learn during the Night Diver Specialty Course in Hurghada Red Sea:

  • All about night diving equipment configuration and dive lights.
  • How to enter and exit the water at night.
  • Navigation underwater at night.
  • About nocturnal marine life.
  • Light handling and communication techniques underwater.

The Night Diver Specialty Course consists of 3 night dives.

When finishing this course you will be able to use an underwater torch. You will also know the correct underwater signals and signs. How to maintain your buoyancy control and to navigate at night. And finally planning and carrying out night dives, including an overview of the night fauna.

Another point is that you will also understand the importance of selecting the right dive site for night diving.

Keep in mind that diving at night is totally different than diving during the day, the colours underwater are not the same. The marine life acts differently and lots of species come out to hunt.

As said before, diving at the same dive site during the day and night diverse a lot. If you want to see the difference, join us to follow the Night Diver Specialty Course.

Found out what is more intringing about the underwater world at night.