Daily Diving

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Diving in Hurghada is an option you should consider. Hurghada is one of the best diving destinations. Situated at the Red Sea, it offers multiple diving choices. We, at Cave Divers Hurghada, offer diving excursions on a daily basis. Every day we select 2 different dive sites every day regarding the different levels of diving present on board. We also take into account the weather conditions and strength of the current at specific dive sites. Two dives from the boat are planned, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.package consisting usually of two dives in which the achievement of dive sites is carried out by delivering you from the shore on a motor-boat or ship to the dive site. As a general rule, divers start to gather at the diving center at 8:30.

Our programs usually includes to dives per day, where we get to take you to two different dive sites where you can enjoy guided dives by our professional dive guides, and of course between our two dives you would have launch after the first dive made by our chef to give you a peak of the oriental taste of Egyptian food.

Diving in Hurghada Daily Program:

Diving in Hurghada with Cave Divers Hurghada requires to wake up early. Transfer is arranged to bring you from your hotel to the diving center. As general rule, all divers gather at the diving center at 08:30 hours.

Once on board, you can prepare your equipment and pick a cozy place on the boat. While sailing to the first dive site of the day, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries the Red Sea has to offer. Just before arrival at the dive spot, you will receive a briefing concerning the security measures, the dive site itself and what you can eventually encounter. Now it is time to put your equipment on and to jump into the water and enjoy your diving.

After this dive, a tasteful meal in buffet form is served. Soft drinks, tea and coffee are available during the entire trip. A break is inserted after this royal meal, to have a little nap, to sunbath or just chill out.

After this we are heading to the second dive site of the day, where once again before heading into the water, you will receive a briefing. Time again to put your gear on and to plunge into the water.

We only have one advice for you. While diving just relax, open your eyes and admire all this underwater beauty.

Don’t wait and contact us to book your daily diving with us, at Cave Divers Hurghada.