Abu Nuhas

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Shaab Abu Nuhas (Sha’ab Abu Nuhas) is located in the Strait of Guba, near the trade route from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. It is the most remote of all located in the eastern part of the reef strait. Shaab Abu Nuhas often referred to as the “graveyard of ships”, since here at depths of 25-30 m have found their last resting place of the court Jannis D, Carnatic, Kimon M Krisoula K (Marcus). For divers Shaab Abu Nuhas -a great place for wreck diving.

The most beautiful part of the dive site forreef diving is located between wreck¬†“Carnatic” and wreck “Janice D”. Its optimum depth for diving is 20 m, maximum – 27 m, strong current, good visibility under water (10-30 m) .

Shaab Nuhas Fauna Abu Shaab Abu Nuhas are rich with: stingrays, lionfish, barracuda, snappers, etc…