5 Days Diving package

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Diving in Hurghada 5 Days Package from shore or boat, Cave Divers Hurghada is pleased to offer you this package. Dive at the magnificent coral reefs scattered all around in the Red Sea near Hurghada.

You are a certified diver, well at Cave Divers Hurghada, you can dive from the shore or from the boat with our 5 Days Diving Package. It includes 10 dives. We make a selection of the best dive sites near Hurghada. Our professional instructors or guides will show you all the beauty of the Red Sea around these coral reefs. An abundant and vivid aquamarine life is waiting at these amazing reefs to be discovered. And because every dive spot has its own ecosystem, you will always see something different.

The diving center takes care of all the logistics and your equipment, so you just have to relax and enjoy your dives.

When choosing the diving in Hurghada 5 Days Package from shore or boat, you get:

  • Before every dive, a briefing concerning the safety measures and all the interesting corals and aquamarine life you can spot at the specific dive site.
  • During all your dives, a guide or instructor will accompany you.
  • To dive in a group of maximum four pairs of divers.
  • All the equipment you might need to conduct your dives, from shore or by boat, in a safe and relaxed environment, at your disposal.
  • The option to increase your diving package at any day you wish.

Furthermore if you have any preference of a dive site you want to dive at, let us know. We can, if possible, make the necessary arrangements to dive at this particular dive site.

You can also always contact us for any questions you might have concerning this 5 Days Diving Package.

Subscribe our 5 Days Diving Package online now and join us for some amazing dive experience.

We welcome you with all our heart. A true underwater nirvana is waiting for you to be discovered.