Cave Divers Soma Bay is located in Caribbean World Resorts Soma bay – Red Sea. Soma Bay is mainly known for the coral reef of Ras Abu Soma. Coastal waters are a great place for diving.

Diving in Soma Bay has a lot to offer divers seeking to enjoy the reefs around the area with marina life like; Glass fish, barracudas, mackerel, squid, stingrays, gray reef sharks are found in these places, and sea devils in March and April.

The water area of ​​Soma Bay is protected, like other parts of Egypt, so the dive centers take care of the environment during work.

Cave Divers Diving Center in Soma Bay, offers services from no-voice diving courses and certification to professional training and technical diving, as well as diving packages with one, two or more dives per day for certified divers with sea diving trips to remote reefs of the area and orientation dives.

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