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Padi Specialities Wreck Deep Night in Hurghada

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Wreck Diver speciality

Special course PADI Wreck Diver is very attractive course to those who want to witness the wrecks, planes and even treasures. Wreck Diver course is available to divers who have reached 15 years of age and having a certificate of PADI Adventure Diver or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

Course Description: Special Course Wreck Diver will teach you to make fascinating dives to reach sunken objects. You are going to be familiar with the nuances and techniques of Wreck diving, learn to plan and implement them in a safe mode.

Wreck diving can be a very exciting experience, but every effort should be aimed at observance of safety. The course Wreck Diver course in Cave Divers you will enjoy and learn how to use the equipment and techniques commonly used in diving on wrecks.

Deep Diver

Special course Deep Diver, teach you conscious and competent planning of deep dives safely, No Deco mode. It will extend your depth range, up to a maximum in recreational diving – 40 meters.

Special course PADI Deep Diver (deep diver speciality) offers to plunge into an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime, and see what others can only dream of.

Night Diver

Underwater world at night is very different from the day, developing your night diving skills within the night dive speciality, which will help you to see these underwater inhabitants, the ones that can not be seen during the day. Technique used in night diving is not significantly different from the one used in daytime as well as the diving equipment, mainly due to the lack of general illumination. During this diving course divers obtain the skills to use the underwater torch, underwater signals and signs, buoyancy control and navigation, planning and carrying out night dives. The course included an overview of the night fauna.