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Scuba Review Program, or “Scuba Diver” is specially designed for those divers who have a certificate, but have not been underwater for a long period of time, Scuba Diver who wants to fresh up their skills or be retrained before going on a diving tour.

As the program is intended for the preliminary assessment of the skills and knowledge of non-certified divers redirected to the completion of training (Form referral) or Scuba Diver level divers wishing to complete their training on the course Open Water Diver.
Under this program, you are invited to recieve the basic theoretical and practical skills of diving, you repeat the minimum skills required to be familliers for divers, as well as making your diving safer and more enjoyable.
In diving training program structure proposed two parts. Theoretical training with an instructor and a practical lesson in the pool (20 repetition skills course Open Water Diver). In addition, if desired, you can dive with an instructor in open water.