Emergency First Response

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Emergency First Response is a program of first aid, which was created based on the ILCOR standards of the international committee.

Who is the course designed for?

For this course any body can enroll even those who has any ideas about diving. Age limits as well does not exist for the EFR course. Advantages of Emergency First Response is already evaluated by the employees of the organizations for which the presence of first aid skills is a must. In particular, it is teachers, leaders, and coaches of various sports.

Emergency First Response is divided into two parts: EFR Primary Care – CPR (primary care in an emergency – cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and EFR Secondary Care – First Aid (secondary care in an emergency – first aid).

The first course EFR Primary Care – CPR will teach you to provide first aid in dangerous situations. You will gain knowledge and skills related to the victim’s heart stops, heavy bleeding, cessation of breathing, shock, spinal cord injury.

EFR Secondary Care – First Aid will tell you how to behave in those situations where the threat to life is not fatal to the victim. The course will provide information about what to do, while waiting for the arrival of an ambulance.