Bubblemaker Padi

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Kids Scuba Diving Program

In recent years, more and more couples rather than entrust the child with Grandparents prefer to spend their holidays together with their own children, taking them to whatever underwater adventures they plan to take. Going to conquer the depths of the sea, you cannot help wondering: Do we need to promote children’s diving? The answer is an obvious “You we have to! Diving for children is what we need! And yet, this activity has its challengers, it does not matter that most of them had heard about diving or seen only on television, but just go and fend off the opposite opinion is also impossible. You have to understand that diving – is an extreme outdoor activities requiring a rigorous method and loyalty to certain security rules.

Thanks to the Bubblemaker course from PADI, with a certified instructor your kids will be able to learn diving with Cave Divers Hurghada Diving Center in the safest and the funniest way possible, and your kids will be joining you in your next dive for sure.