Advanced Open Water

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If you are already a proud owner of the Open Water Diver certificate, and you want to improve your diving skills and continue scuba dive training, then your next step is taking PADI Advansed Open Water Diver course (advanced diver).

PADI Advansed OWD Course is the next step after the initial course of Open Water Diver. It enables you to make independent dive with a partner to a depth of 30 meters, to plan the optimal profile of your dives, the composition of the group equipment configuration based on those or other conditions. Advansed Open Water Diver Course will greatly expand the limits of your dive, and most importantly will give a lot of confidence, security, expertise and experience.

The Advansed Open Water Diver course you will make a total of 5 dives directly into open water. Of these, 2 mandatory (deep dive and underwater navigation) and 3 dives of your choice from the following specializations offered. Duration 2 days.